Creating the best
volunteer experience
for your team

Volunteam helps companies to revolutionize their team-building culture through corporate volunteering.

Best solution for employee engagement

Corporate volunteering is a great team-building activity and an act upon the social challenges of our local community. It allows companies to build a positive culture at work and  position itself as a socially-conscious workplace.


volunteering programs that best align with your vision & ethics


time and resources required for managing a program


most enthusiastic employees and even sepeate teams 


make a positive change that addresses a social challenge.

In-office Volunteer Programs

Your team is busy… no worries. We’ll come to you! In-office events are a great way for team bonding. Volunteam plans the entire event including educational presentations, materials, and having a photographer to capture the great moments.  Support causes, morales that matter and are within your CSR strategy. Give your employees an excellent experience that they will never forget and a sense of doing something awesome for the community.

Out Of Office Volunteer Events

Ready to get off-site to make positive changes? Let us plan an unforgettable outing for your employees. We will handle it all from delivering a number of locations, activities to select from, meals, transportation, creating co-branded team shirts, and building a volunteer experience guaranteed.

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The Internal Impact

Employee Engagement: Hiring and keeping top-performing employees happy is a priority for all successful businesses. Volunteering builds employee engagement by boosting efficiency, moral behavior, corporate appreciation, and pride in their jobs.

Morale: Naturally, the productivity of the company will be higher with workers involved in their jobs and happy with the corporate culture. As a result, there are less time and loss of productivity due to “illness,” tardiness, or extended breaks and lunches.

Teamwork: Corporate volunteer program brings together people from all levels of the organization – from the C-level to the interns. Everyone feels like working together toward a common goal. The feeling of effective teamwork will extend beyond to positively influence other aspects of their work.

The External Impact

Public Relations: The company’s philanthropic activity does not go unnoticed by the media. All charitable organizations and fund-raising events spread the word about their work on the media, so any corporation involved in that work will be included in the heavy media coverage. This is taken to another level when the results are substantial and evaluated.

Social Media: Some organizations are truly concerned about the potential backlash from negative comments on social media, a company involved in strategic corporate volunteering will be receiving positive social media mentions

Reputation: It’s a fact that many customers make buying choices based on how they feel about a company rather than how they feel about a product.


79% of millennial employees are loyal to companies

that care about their effect on society.